Friday, March 9, 2012

Mock up…

In recent weeks I have been getting bits and pieces done including the spline roadbed. What a great way to do roadbed, a little time consuming but cheap and the result is better than I have ever had. For ideas on how to do this see Ian’s blog. Other then that I have done a small mock up of the yard to see if I am happy with it. Some paper templates were used and bits I have placed where they should be and now that the yard is settled I can move on to securing the risers.

The goods loop consists of crane, goods shed and stock race. Loco will consist of turntable, water column, coal stage and ash pit. That will be sufficient to make a nice scene and keep the operation interesting.

IMG_2233 Spine roadbed with transition curve


Yard Mock up


  1. Great work Andrew, the mock up looks good. I am enjoying your progress. Darren

  2. Andrew,

    Mr Badger asked if you could contact him re Kurrajong (I think he has some info)


  3. Andrew,

    Did you use a bracket to secure the risers to the frame or have you glued it in place? I've built a steel frame from the same material for my own layout and I'm up to this step. Keen to hear how you did it.


    1. G'day Ben,

      I never got much further then this but the idea was to use a small angled bracket to fix the riser. It is available from bunnings at something like 30 cents each. You can see one in the one of the photos. Hope this helps.