Friday, February 17, 2012

Back scene at the ready…

I have installed the backscene and painted a sealer coat. I purchased 3mm ply from the local hardware which curved nicely at the ends and middle to a radius of 10.5” which is quite tight. I am looking into having a photographic background this time so will see how it goes, I really don’t know when to install it, now or later? My next step was to do the pelmet and lighting but I think it will get in my way when it comes to the installing the track bed, so I may do the spline next.

IMG_2216 This end will become staging with cupboard doors I think.


This snap shows the curvature as best I can.


There is a few shadows but you get what's going on.

Anyway a few bits of house keeping to do and I will get on the next stage.


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