Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kurrajong Visit…


Hi All,

Well interesting times in the model world with the releases of many new RTR products. Seems ages since I bought new rolling stock and now all of a sudden the flood gates are opening. The GSV’s, CW’s and CV’s have been purchased with a mix to be shared between the Kurrajong project and Bowen Creek. The FO and CCA will be here at the end of the month for Kurrajong and the BSV's will be here soon to go with a purchase of BCW’s for Bowen Creek. Not to mention the Tankers from SDS which could be here any day. I feel a bit like a collector as I am not modeling anything, which is a shame as I have AndIan Models BLV to build for Kurrajong, nice to see the cottage industry is still with us.

I have had a trip to Kurrajong last week, as my brother had his wedding there, so I went to check the village out. There is nothing there to find unless you know what you’re looking for and even then it’s pretty tricky. The odd land formation and that's it, but I did grab a photo or two for colour as its a bit different to western NSW

. IMG_2373IMG_2371

Taken on the 5/7/2012, not bad for a winters day. The line did run at the bottom of this field.


Can’t remember where I got this photo or who’s it is but it is at Kemsleys,  I like the “scubbyness” of the area.


I have been thinking about the model lately and because I have added some modellers licence, which I always intended to do, I may call it by another name such as Belpin or Bells line which would be in keeping with the line and area if it had been extended. I will ponder some more about this but I am liking the idea.





  1. Come on Andrew call it Bowen Mountain!

    1. HAHAHA, if I do it would have to become a trilogy.

  2. Hi Andrew

    I believe that last photo came from TRAK (Tourist Railway Association Kurrajong) when it existed. It looks like one of a series taken by one of the foundation members probably around 1999.


    1. Thanks Jim,

      Shame TRAK folded but I really think they were up against it from the beginning. We can be thankful for the bit of history they collected and made available.

  3. G'day Andrew,
    Look at this youtube link:
    The first 10 min is good, it's the only cinema footage I've seen of Kurrajong! It took a while to pick the line, but the Z20 gave it away.

    Tom Pall

    1. Shit!!! there is the best pics I've seen. Tom Rogers gave me some details of the Derrick crane to add to the yard and bugger me there was one there anyway.

  4. And look at all the other details.... - the white on black enamel 1st sign near the guard's door of the CCA, the MLV in the yard with the code board on the end panel of louvres (the AR Kits version has it in the later position on the second panel of louvres), it's a movie I'll have to look at frame by frame!


    Tom P