Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Have Lift Off…

Legs have been built for the layout and I am surprised how well it turned out. I wouldn’t recommend this method for a straight layout or a permanent layout but because this is right angled it helps with its own support.

I used a work support from Bunning's as a leg. I removed the roller and manufactured a C channel section welded to a piece of 20mm SHS which slides into the 25mm SHS.

Bracket still needs a tidy up and painting.IMG_2210

The C channel then supports the frame and there you have it. The work support is adjustable so the height can be changed and adjusted for uneven floors. I will however stiffen the base a little more with some flat steel angled from the feet to the single support, this should take the last of the wobble out.


I will also replace the 25mm SHS with a longer length for added strength. The end result will equate to about $28 a leg which I think is pretty good. I have made four of them and I will use a single tent pole for the outside corner of the 90 degree angle.

Now I can move onto the hidden staging cupboard and backdrop.