Monday, January 23, 2012

Frame Begins…

The frame is now coming along but still needs a few adjustments and strengthening. I wouldn’t make a welders bum but it seems to be holding together OK. I will add some stiffeners  just to be safe. Overall it isn’t to heavy but I am not to worried about weight this time as it wont be moved very often. There is only three modules all much larger than Bowen Creeks ever were so they will get heavy. The steel is 25mm SHS and was really cheap at $15 for an 8 meter length.


Bit difficult to see but I think you will get the jist of it.



Corner module


Threaded rod is used to connect the ceiling to the base rather than welding.

Next the frame will need tidying up and a coat of black paint but will probably have to wait until the first weekend in Feb.



  1. Fast work, Andrew.
    Do you have a power hacksaw to cut it all up accurately? How much do you allow from the track level to the bottom of the module? It looks quite deep.

  2. Hi James,
    I had the steel merchants cut most of it up for me but some of it wasn't as straight as I would have liked.I cut a few peices just by hand but if I ever do another I will get a drop saw I think.
    There is 530mm between top and bottom as I have allowed 150mm for track level. The idea is so I can have enough room to get in and uncouple things as I plan to have some 3 link couplers. Also I want the pelmet above eye level so you don't have to bend down to see under it.